Final exhibition piece! – becca



Nearly done!!!-becca

Im happy this project is nearly  over it’s been stressful thinking of ways to portray autism discretely, I’m happy with the frame idea showing each persons talents individually rather than grouping them together,

here’s a few pictures of the making process….


More research on Stephen Wiltshire -becca


Stephen is an artist who draws and paints landscapes he can sketch cities and places after only seeing them for a short period of time

He was awarded with the MBE award for his services to the art world after studying fine art in college his work is now popular all over the world and in many exhibitions

Stephen went on a tour to draw cities such as  Venice,  Amsterdam and Moscow attracting crowds wherever he set up to draw.


Stephen Wiltshires work- becca

I wanted to look more into Stephens work as I found it so inspiring after reading about him drawing new York after only viewing it in a helicopter for 20 minutes. I found a few of his sketches after doing a google search… He’s been nicknamed the human camera because of his artistic talents! Here’s a few images…




Progress- becca

For penny andrews the librarian we are going to base the frame on her sucess in working as a librarian by in bedding the frame into a book, for Stephen the artist we will show his success and talents by building up a collage from his drawings of the New York skyline. Heres an image to show the progress of the frame for penny Andrews… Cutting the pages to make a window to display the frame and picture in using a craft knife and glue…


Update on progress- becca

We will be making the frames based on the persons talents, it won’t show the person as being autistic but show them and award them for there talent they have. 


We we looked around local charity shops and have purchased frames in different shapes and sizes to make our piece stand out more and also set the different people apart

we will now be making the frames and picking the best pictures to display